Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to do Quality Blog Commenting

In Online World, everyone wants to get ranked his/her site on 1st position of Search Engines like Google ,Bing and Yahoo but as Google is most Famous search engine that is why more traffic comes through Google. There are more ways to rank up your site in Google but most important how quickly your site will be ranked up in Google and how much traffic you get.

Well there are some major ways that will help to rank your site up but I will describe you the major way for SEO.

1.  Blog Commenting:
Blog Commenting is very fast way for SEO and you can find reading material about it from Internet but I am sure that no one will teach you the actual scenario how to do quality Blog Commenting, but I will teach you step by step way to do quality blog commenting.

Find Quality Back Links:
Keep in mind one important thing when you are on the way to do SEO for your site that you must use blog commenting on quality blog sites only because quality work gives quality output for Quality blogs I mean those blogs which will accept your comment with your site link without approval of moderator and those blogs having high page rank (PR) because PR will be considered by Google’s Crawler and more you put links on high PR pages more you get attention of Google and more you get attention of Google more you will get traffic and that the purpose of SEO to get more traffic .

          1.   High PR Blogs :
So let me show you one image how to find High Page Rank blogs.
Blog Commenting

In the above image you can see the PR: 5 within Red Box and that’s I want to show you that only put your links on that type of blogs having PR 3+. The PR is most factor in SEO and PR lies from  1-10. Some more popular sites like Face Book, You tube etc. having PR: 10.
         2. Do follow Blogs :
Try to put your links on dofollow blog sites because the blog having dofollow comments will be considered by Google’s Crawler. In below image I am going to show you the image of nofollow blog comment so you can understand that not to put link on these types of blogs.

Blog Commenting

You can check that blog is nofollow or do follow by simply going to source code of that blog page and after press ctrl+F to find and write nofollow in the find box and if the blog will have nofollow words as you can see in red box then leave that blog because it will be nofollow blog.
        3.       Node Blogs  :
There is another very fast way to find quality blogs and those blogs that will accept back links instantly for long time is the way of node comments. See the image below to find the actual way to find node comments.
Blog Commenting

Write in Google the syntax “Keyword”node”Comments“ and you will find only those sites having node comments. Keep in mind to put backlinks on those node blog sites having some integers after node.
See the image for this.

Blog Commenting

Monday, October 1, 2012

A Few Seo Techniques For Beginners To Step In To Search Engine World

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Need of search engine optimization increases in huge number nowadays. Most of the upcoming businessmen are showing lot of interest in promoting their business through internet. To achieve successful internet marketing, seo plays a major role. There are many seo techniques emerged to promote the websites very easily. To implement SEO, there are certain processes required to follow by the webmasters. There are two major types of seo process need to implement by any webmaster while they decide to promote a website. The onpage process will help your site to get optimize and the offpage process will help to promote your website. The basic step in onpage process is keyword research process. Choosing the right keyword after undergoing complete research is the most important step to follow. It is a good idea for any webmaster to choose the long tail keywords with less competition and maximum search volumes. After finding out the best keywords with guidance of available keyword suggestion tool, you can create Meta tags for such keywords right away. Meta tag creation is the much essential step in onpage process where the webmasters can insert specific keyword in the site to optimize.

Once you have completed the onpage process successfully then the next stage is to implement offpage work. Offpage process is the most basic seo process for easy site promotion.  Link building is the best way to build links and promote any website easily. Search engine will index the site immediately if it owns some valuable backlinks. For any website, both inbound links and outbound links are really much important. Building links in any of the high traffic site will help your website to gain huge network traffic. Most of the search engine will index your site if it gains some valuable backlinks. There are numerous seo techniques available to build backlinks. Blog commenting, article submission, forum postings are revolving as the best way to build link for your website. Identifying the high PR blogs and adding your website by posting a comment is also one of the tremendous ways to add backlinks for your website. Creating a seo optimized articles and posting it to the high traffic article submission site will bring huge traffic for your website. There is no doubt that your website will gain numerous visitors within fewer days if all the process is done in the right way. Implementing all those above mentioned seo process as per the guidelines of search engine will help your site to gain high PR and good network traffic.

There are many online tutorials available in internet which really helps webmaster to gain information about onpage process and offpage process. Almost every search engine has their own algorithm where the webmasters need to follow it while they are optimizing their website. Understanding search engine algorithm very clearly and optimizing your site is an excellent seo technique.  Though there is a blackhat seo technique which helps to build numerous backlinks for your website, this will get blacklisted by topmost search engine. Every webmasters are advisable to follow the whitehat seo techniques for site promotion at any cost.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Major Techniques for SEO

SEO Technique
In Online World, everyone wants to get ranked his/her site on 1st position of Search Engines like Google ,Bing and Yahoo but as Google is most Famous search engine that is why more traffic comes through Google. All the site owners want to get rank on #1 in Google that is why they do SEO for their websites against any keyword/s.

There are so many ways to get ranked a site against any keyword/s by doing SEO but I will explain some major ways that can definitely give higher position to your site in Google.

       1.       Back linking :
       2.       Forum Posting :
       3.       Blog Commenting:
       4.       Article Writing & Submission :
       5.       Link Wheeling:

1.  Back linking :
Back linking is very powerful technique in which SEO Experts put links of their sites against any keyword/s to other sites, but one thing is more important that when doing back linking only consider to put links of your site on those sites which are already prominent in Google, mean to say put links of your site/s to other sites which are at highest position in Google and having high Page Rank (PR). Google always consider your site back link on those sites having high PR (pr3+).

There are two categories of websites.

1.       No Follow Sites
2.       Do Follow Sites

So always try to put back links on those sites which are Do Follow Sites because Google’s Crawler moves on Do Follow Sites first and if it will find your site link in Do Follow site then it will consider it first and your site will be get ranked on highest position, so it’s on you to put more back links on do follow sites considering competitor’s sites. Always try to avoid putting your site’s  link  on No Follow sites and for checking that which site is no follow you have to see rel =”no follow” syntax in source code of that site on which you want to put your site’s link for SEO.

2.   Forum Posting :
Forum posting is very important and very efficient technique for getting quality back links and more traffic to your site by simply answering specific questions that will be asked in forums and by putting your site’s link within these answers, but one thing will be kept in mind that always post relevant answers to questions in high page rank forums because if you did not do this then Forum Moderator will remove your back link and whole answer after visiting forum. Another important thing which many SEO Experts will forget that answer first and then wait for at least three days and then after three days put your site’s back link within answer by editing answer, by doing this your link will be active on the forum at least 1 year.

I will explain remaining major techniques in my next articles.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Complete SEO Solutions and Features and Goals Which are Associated with SEO Services

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Historic Preview of Web Based Business and SEO:-
From the last few decade's trends of online business as well as web based professions have become more fabulous and rich sources of earning. Actually the web owners hire some programmer, PHP experts and web developers who create some unique designs and program them according to basic keyword or key product or niche. After its web owners purchase some kinds of relevant domain name and then they go for web hosting by which the precious and informative data is uploaded as well as stored in safe modes. Usually earning through websites take more than 6-7 months, and sometimes this business consumes more than years and then web owners get their goals.

For fast and reliable visibility of newly created and launched websites the web owners hire some professional and well trained SEO experts who take responsibility of boosting up traffic on such sites and improving their ranks in Google’s search engines. In fact Search Engine Optimization is a set of strategies or tools by which the linkers or experts of this technique connect or link URL of new site with other websites or blogs which have better ranking and absolutely high quality visibility in search engines. This is an interesting profession that can maximize regular earning via several Google’s financial programs like affiliate marketing, Adsense, PPP and PPC etc.

What Features and Goals the Talented SEO Carries?
SEO services or techniques are really amazing tools that can quickly get huge crowds of visitors and improve the site position in Google’s official web ranking list. Generally this process is bit complicated and time consuming, but qualified, skilled and professional SEO companies have enormous experience and countless tools for lifting up visibility of new or targeted websites. Usually this elegant profession brings the following features and goals.
  1. It aims to increase visibility of websites and optimize the PR in Google’s ranking.
  2. Quality SEO services can yield better and marvelous results with minimum time limit.
  3. It assists in ranking and qualifying the rich and unique keywords which are the backbones of search engine optimization strategies.
  4. Boosting up profit and regular earning
  5. Through valid and fair links it also gets huge traffic of regular visitors by which rank or PR of websites automatically jumps up
Which Kind of SEO is more Effective and Approved?
SEO has a number of types which are perfectly or partially applied in optimization web ranks and position. In following, there are just 2 major kinds of link-building have been explained for the convenience of readers.

A-Theme Based Linking or SEO:-
This SEO service mean to post the links according to nature or kind of the hosting sites on which you are present for commenting and linking. This is very useful for newly designed websites which need reliable, permanent and original linking.

B-Relevant SEO Services:-
This type of SEO is done on to the relevant websites only. For example; if you have a website for automotive and you hire some linkers or SEO experts for boosting up its rank, then they post comments and links only on those high PR websites which are totally about automobiles and their spare parts. This kind of SEO will be called as relevant Search Engine Optimization strategies or tools.

Monday, September 24, 2012

Few Important Tips For SEO

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Nowadays, several people use the internet and contrary to this fact majority of them are not familiar with SEO (Search engine optimization). In order to have a successful website, SEO do contribute a big deal and this is the reason as to why SEO process is not an easy task to accomplish. There are laid out strategies that one should adhere to in order to be a successful SEO professional.  Once the SEO process is accomplished to perfection and with professionalism then a good rank in all the well known SEO will be guaranteed. The steps incorporated in SEO can be categorized into either On-Page optimization or Off-Page Optimization. Online business is all a matter of the number of users that you will be in a position to attract to your website. This is what at times you will hear people talking about online traffic. Contrary to what majority of people believe, traffic generation is not a thing that starts when the web pages have been published and posted online.  
On-page SEO optimization is about doing some techniques on your web pages to guarantee you a large volume in terms of traffic i.e. roughly 80% will result from the search engine once a user is searching for information.  The factors that play a bigger part in ensuring optimization of your web page include:
         High content information page- a web page that has less count of words is surely less likely to be on the top of the         search engine list. Search engines always give priority to websites with high content of information.

             Amount of keywords- Keywords are ought to be used 3-4 times in a given web page. One should also bear in mind that the larger the web page, the more the number of keywords that are supposed to be used.

            Density of keywords- this is the relative frequency of keywords used in the webpage expressed in terms of percentage. The higher the density the more optimized the web page is.

             Positioning of keywords- it is more advisable to position keywords at the beginning of the web page rather than being positioned at the end. This will enable the search engine to easily retrieve your website and given a priority in the search results.

Text formatting- highlighted text as well as unique formatting of text will be given priority by the search engines.  

            Title tag-titles are given priority by search engines and it is more important to use keyword titles. The titles are supposed to be very informative in addition to being attractive.

             Attributes in images-Alternative texts accompanying images are so important and are really captured by the search engine during retrieval on information.

             Meta tag Description-this is usually used to provide unique descriptions concerning the web page. Search engines do display the information from Meta description if the content being searched matches the search criteria.

             Number of pages-The more the number of pages of your web content, the more optimized it will be when it comes to being given priority by the search engines. This will give more advantages to the web page when it comes to rankings from the search engine.

With the above factors in consideration, the web page will be given a lot priority by the search engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing, Yellow pages to name but a few. This will in result generate a good number of traffic for that particular site.

Off page optimization involves the processes that take place outside your web pages to ensure a priority in page ranking of websites by the search engines. These steps are mostly about creating a link in terms of web page popularity. The higher the web page link popularity in the high it will be in terms of web page rankings by the search engines. This process simply involves adding more websites that are going to be linked to your original website. However, it is better said than done since it is not an easy task to do the website linking to your original site. Other techniques to ensure off-page SEO optimization include:

  1. Forum Posting:
  2. Blog Commenting:
  3. Social Book Marketing:
  4. Article Writing & Submission :
  5. Directory Submission :
  6. Link Wheeling:
  7. Back linking.
These are some major techniques to get quality backlinks, by following these all ways that I described you in this article you can easily rank up your site in search engines like Google, Yahoo ,Bing etc.