Wednesday, October 3, 2012

How to do Quality Blog Commenting

In Online World, everyone wants to get ranked his/her site on 1st position of Search Engines like Google ,Bing and Yahoo but as Google is most Famous search engine that is why more traffic comes through Google. There are more ways to rank up your site in Google but most important how quickly your site will be ranked up in Google and how much traffic you get.

Well there are some major ways that will help to rank your site up but I will describe you the major way for SEO.

1.  Blog Commenting:
Blog Commenting is very fast way for SEO and you can find reading material about it from Internet but I am sure that no one will teach you the actual scenario how to do quality Blog Commenting, but I will teach you step by step way to do quality blog commenting.

Find Quality Back Links:
Keep in mind one important thing when you are on the way to do SEO for your site that you must use blog commenting on quality blog sites only because quality work gives quality output for Quality blogs I mean those blogs which will accept your comment with your site link without approval of moderator and those blogs having high page rank (PR) because PR will be considered by Google’s Crawler and more you put links on high PR pages more you get attention of Google and more you get attention of Google more you will get traffic and that the purpose of SEO to get more traffic .

          1.   High PR Blogs :
So let me show you one image how to find High Page Rank blogs.
Blog Commenting

In the above image you can see the PR: 5 within Red Box and that’s I want to show you that only put your links on that type of blogs having PR 3+. The PR is most factor in SEO and PR lies from  1-10. Some more popular sites like Face Book, You tube etc. having PR: 10.
         2. Do follow Blogs :
Try to put your links on dofollow blog sites because the blog having dofollow comments will be considered by Google’s Crawler. In below image I am going to show you the image of nofollow blog comment so you can understand that not to put link on these types of blogs.

Blog Commenting

You can check that blog is nofollow or do follow by simply going to source code of that blog page and after press ctrl+F to find and write nofollow in the find box and if the blog will have nofollow words as you can see in red box then leave that blog because it will be nofollow blog.
        3.       Node Blogs  :
There is another very fast way to find quality blogs and those blogs that will accept back links instantly for long time is the way of node comments. See the image below to find the actual way to find node comments.
Blog Commenting

Write in Google the syntax “Keyword”node”Comments“ and you will find only those sites having node comments. Keep in mind to put backlinks on those node blog sites having some integers after node.
See the image for this.

Blog Commenting


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